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You may think that you broke me...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

3:41PM - My Musical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I havent been on here in like forever but I am giving an announcement to Niky and Jessie...MY MUSICAL IS COMN UP AND U 2 SHOULD COME AND SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the dates and times::

Friday March 30th, 7:30pm

Saturday March 31st, 7:30pm


Sunday April 1st, 2:00pm

its not free tho, and its around 3-8 dollars (I really dont remember what tickets coast cuz I have never bought em since I've been in the play and this musical)


♥ Ariel

PS My b-day is April 4th! WOOT! I am so excited and my dad got me tickets to go see RENT preformed on stage!!!!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

5:22PM - Not Your Typical High School Musical

Well just so's u all know (mostly directed towards Niky and JEssie) I am in CJ musical mostly cuz...dododo badaba....dododo badaba WAH!, We are doing a song from AVENUE Q! I really couldnt believe it when the director lady told us! I wanted to jump up and yell YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but I didnt)

the dates are March 30 and 31 at 7:30
and April 1 at 2:00

luv ya's ♥ Ariel

Monday, December 25, 2006


hey I dont get on here much but just wanted to wish every1 a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

much luv &hearts Ariel

Sunday, December 10, 2006


well I havent been on here for awhile, Much hasnt been going on but yeah sorry to jessie and niky, I have been so busy and stuff RELE sorry and I still dont have a new phone...grr


Wednesday, October 4, 2006


ok well me and V r not going lasertagging this weekend but friday (the sixth) we r going to the dayton mall prolly around 6 or idk

Niky I saw that u cant do anything this weekend but jessie if u can go that be awesome too...V and I r getting halloween stuff (we r being smexy pirates) so yea if u dont call tonight jessie (the 4th) then I'll call u since u prolly cant c this at ujr house

lurv &hearts

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

7:22PM - woah...

LJ is like different...woah...it took me awaile to get to this point to ACTUALLY post....woah...lol ne ways....

ATTENTION NIKY AND JESSIE ONLY: this is for u, do u 2 wanna go lasertagging sumtime (not sure when) but not this weekend but sumtime in the future? (cuz this weekend I might g2 a football game), but like I (of course) would go, this was mainly V's idea so she would go, rach might as well go, yet she will prolly drag her bf 2. so yea, u guys like laser tag rite??? get back to me on that one

any ways yea I am prolly going to go to a football game this week, not sure who we r playing however...I AM OFF TO CALL RACH!!!

Current mood: bouncy

Sunday, September 10, 2006

12:01AM - I lied! YES!!!!!!!!!

Tonight was the mixer I went with rachael it was the most awesome night I have had in AGES <33333333 I love rach (like a sis DUH) so much but I g2g if ne one wants to know ne thing just CALL ME AND I'LL TELL U HOW AWESOME TONIGHT WAS! and the best part  was that my plan ACTUALLY went through BY THE GRACE THAT IS ALL WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<3's ALL AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!

Current mood: ecstatic

Friday, September 8, 2006

5:25PM - *dies*

I dont know why my plans ALWAYS fail, fail fail fail fail FAIL!!!!! it makes me very pissed!

Anyways looking back at my last post, that last part is kinda confuzzling, I forgot what I was even talking about and I typed it heehee!

But Highschool is going pretty ok, the only class I rele hat is Honors Biology I have to carry around my heavy "Honors Bio" binder JUST FOR BIO, My HUGE bio book, and my HUGE bio work book. Its heavy and I never go by my locker exept when I go totally out of my way b4 skool to the 2nd floor totally opposite from where my 1st class is, and when I am in homeroom when I can get a hall pass in that 20 or so extra time. it SUX but otherwise tis ok

Tomarrow I am going to be going to the freshman mixer with rach. BUT it sux cuz my lil plan I had formulated TOTALLY DIED! I was so pissed....and kinda still am, but I swear GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and then next week is a Soc Hop and I rele wanna go, to revise my plan, but I dont think I can go and that RELE pisses me off I rele feel like hurting sumthing and to make matters worse I am absolutely STARVING and there is like no food in this damn house!!!

*angry sigh*

and Jessie I am sorryyyyyyyyyy lol

Current mood: in kind words, I am RELE MAD!

Tuesday, September 5, 2006




<33 to all!

Current mood: hyper

Saturday, August 26, 2006

9:23PM - Now I am laughing while you play da fool!

Now I can finally smile I am so happy! I am getting my sim2 game and whatever else back and I HAVE WON! BWAHAHAHAHA I am so happy! YAYAYYA I can move on! <3333

speaking of winning CJ kicked beavercreeks ASS today in rach's first vball game! WOOHOO! V and I went to cheer her on! and we made posters!!! I still am sparkly! WHEEEE!!!! I love everything so much right now (well not everything but u kno what I mean)

ne ways highskool still rox (cept for hw I hate hw more than ne thing)


Current mood: accomplished

Monday, August 21, 2006

5:55PM - I'M A HIGHSKOOL GIRL!!! *shigure sings*

HEY!!! I AM A HIGHSKOOL GIRL! Today and tomarrow is freshman oriantation! So far its going good! Highskool WOW! 'cept tucking in my shirt with the uniforms and all pretty much sux but its ok, and I also met the teacher who will be my fine arts teacher and I think she is also the director of drama productions. I am going to be in drama club...well after I sign up lol, and I wanna be in some other things, but I am looking into what I wanna do with myself! This is what my schedule will look like the 1st semester:

p1: Honors English
p2: Fine Arts/Music
p3: Honors World Cultures
p4: Freshman lunch

p5: Honors Biology
p6: Religion
p7: Fine Arts/Theater
p8: Algebra 1

then in the second semester I have PE and Health instead of my fine arts classes :(
Every1 at CJ is pretty much rele nice and all, I met this girl named Kiersten in my homeroom and she was nice and she is also in my Honors English class YAY! Surprisingly I more classes with Brando more than Rachael!!! and rach and I have most of the same classes as her!!!! Ya so B and I have Hon. English, lunch and Religion 2gether, and the only thing rach and I have together is LUNCH!!! and all of da freshman have the same lunch period so...yeaa....

well I g2g


Current mood: chipper

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

10:28AM - OK I am rele going to my moms today...

I am rele going to my moms today! ok?! I am not sure when I am going to be back at my dads, so yea, that information is pending! lol fun words.....Omg I wanna say sumthing that is rele rele rele funny (I esp must tell u niky) but that info is private teeheeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ok I am hyper....from my double shot, starbucks style!!! teheehee ^_^

c ya'lll soon,


Current mood: awake

Sunday, August 13, 2006

9:26PM - ok well I never rele went to my moms...

Well I never went to my moms, damn my schedule is majorly fucked up! so I am supposedly going to her house on tues. And I got my CJ schedule the other day its upstairs in my room, so when I get it, if it interests ne body, I will post my schedule, sadly rach and I have no classes together except lunch (thank God for lunch together) but yet we take almost all the same classes! crazy! well I g2g boxes (scary) awaites me


Current mood: busy

Thursday, August 10, 2006

11:13AM - feeling better...

Well I deffinately feel loads beter from my last entry! Sum of u know what happen but I would like to keep that info private cuz I have been having problems with too many ppl knowing and I rele just dont wanna talk about it to sum ppl. >.<

BUT..on a brighter side I start hs a week from monday well actually weds but I have 2 days of freshman orriantation (cant spell) I prolly wont be on the compy for another week cuz I go to my moms tomarrow (friday). 

I moved back to my old house on Linden in the hood of Dayton! WOO HOO...not and Rach and I went uniform shopping last saturday...and boy did her "YAY UNIFORMS!" attitude change FAST lol gotta <3 her! 

I talked to Sierra for once in FOREVER! Gawd I missed her badly! I was SOOOO HAPPY to talk to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my hair cut it is SOO HOTT! I <3's it muchfuL!

Well thats about it g2g read and unpack my boxes and pack stuff 4 moms

Current mood: busy

Thursday, July 20, 2006

11:36PM - Short post...

...*sigh* ... Worse day of my life...................... :'(

Current mood: melancholy/stressed/depressed

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

12:01AM - Well...Its midnight

Hey ppl! This is going to be my last time updating for awhile until my dad gets back from his loverly (*cough*) trip to Cambodia. Woohoo 4 me...not. So leave me lots of messages every1!!!! otay! But ne ways I did talk to Duncan today sumwhat...well mostly b4 I was watching fireworks in down town dayton...I was gona go to Riverscape...BUT I didnt have a buddy (so sad) cuz Rachael was going with John (YAY!) and Katelyn was going with Amanda...  Victoria was out of town and Eleni was in Xenia visiting her aunt so ya...I wouldve prolly found sum1 else to take but they wouldve been the 2 closest ppl and my uncle (who came in town but is suppose to be leaving monday) wouldnt have gone "Out of his way" so ya. But I wanted a buddy so I wouldnt be like a "Third-Wheel" or sumthing. Rach I bet had fun-a-lisious fun-time with her Johnny-Boi (lol)! But Mr Grumpy Monotone Duncan I will hopefuly c one day, cuz I misses him greatly...u all may think I am weird but idc I lovers him bunches and I am not quite sure y he is so...no-emotion towards me.... It confuzzles me I dont know what he wants from me...but I think there is sumthing else going on or he is tired. But whatever it is I hope in the end he'll be back to is happy care-free self again. My uncle also took me my bro and sis to c a movie. it was called "An Inconvinient Truth" ( I dont think I spelled that rite) but it was rele rele rele good and it changed my whole outlook on the world...and I dont care WHO U R u all HAVE to see it...rele u do...trust me it may seen boring but it rele is an eye-opener. GO SEE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* ne ways....lol ya but I rele hope everyone has a nice vacation while I am gone (sadness) but life goes on and I am gonna live it to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEE!!

Leave me lots of love and watch that MOVIE,
                                     SO LONG!!!!

Current mood: busy

Saturday, July 1, 2006

6:36PM - So...Torn

Today rele rele sux. I am (and have been) cleaning all day. My brother and dad went to this Pokemon competition and so I am here with my sister...cleaning...Also I wont be seeing Duncan for our 8th month anniversary (Which is monday July 3rd) he cant come over tomarrow and Dillons going to his house tonight (even tho I had dibs on him FIRST) and then he is doing sumthing tomarrow...but he doesnt know what that "something"  Is yet....*sigh*...So ya my eyes r swollen from crying...cuz I havent seen him in almost 3 weeks

On to happy things...Well not rele happy things WORSE things....My dad is leaving for Cambodia on the 4th of July...WOoohoo  NOT some of u know that situation. Then when he gets back (if ever...the 21st) we will be moving back to my house on Linden Ave. NOT SOMETHING I WANT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO I wont be on the compy much until the 21st...have fun with out me! Gawd I rele need to hurt sumthing right now.....
So many times I... (I was ready to go)
So many times I... (Had my foot out the door)
So many times I... (I thought to give him a chance, thought he'd be a better man)
Now I'm sitting here and I'm so confused.
Cuz I keep fighting myself for you. (I don't know how much more I can take but I can't feel this way)
(You got me so torn)
((LeToya "Torn))

Current mood: rejected

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

6:37PM - HI-YA!

ok, well camp started monday, and it was rele just me and rach and other ppl but w/e  and today OMG but on my way to camp who calls me? Montgomery. he said "Hey! I am at camp, are u comn? r u almost here?" AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! and THEN when I get there who is NOT at camp Rachael my savior! I was thinking "O wtf! where is she" so I play it kool and called her cell and NO ANSWER for 5 times!!! so I try to keep calm and stuff and ya, then its time for oreantaion (when we pray and stuff) and WHO CALLS ME? RACHAEL! Right when we were about to pray, I didnt get in trouble tho, and rach FINALLY SHOWS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then, throughout the day rach and i noticed semi-flirty to rele flirty actions! and I said to rach, "Do u think he still likes me?" Rachael then says "YA!" and I kinda feel bad, if he still likes me cuz I know how it was like to like sumone and not have them like u back (aka jordan and montgomery) but I found Duncan and everything is perfect, its just I had hard times but in the end, I got a guy who atleast seems perfect for me, and rele I could have never been with montgomery on a relation-ship level, it just woundt have worked out, but I am glad I am with Duncan rele, I love him, and I wish I could flat out tell montgomery that but I cant #1 cuz  he MIGHT NOT like me (even tho its kinda there) and #2 I dont want him to hate me cuz we r friends JUST FRIENDS, if I had sumone (cough rachael) ask him, or sumone like that to get him to come out about it, I am not sure rach would work cuz he'd might figure sumthin, but if I knew 4 sure if he liked me, I might get rach to say to him, ya know she has a bf  (duncan) and they r rele good for each other and they r rele in love....etc, or sumthing to that effect things would prolly be better. Also, its kinda weird cuz b4 this year, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE ever liked me or hit on me or ever had one of those mini-crushes on me or ne thing, I was (and still kinda am) used to being the "invisable one" in a way, when I went sumwhere I was never stared at (like at Wendys) and almost stalked (like at Best Buy) its rele weird and sumtimes I wish I was still a bit invisable cuz I am not used to this and it is annoying ESPECIALLY if u r hungry and waiting for ur food at Wendys!!!!!!!!!!! but still it is annoying, I dont know WHY ppl are after me (ha-ha fun words), and I rele could care LESS!!! Gahh!  Drama from ur mama mean mug from ur brother! (lyric from "So WHat" by Field Mob and Ciara) but this is just plain CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! so much is happening! Issues with my dad (which will stay un mentioned), issues with highschool, 4 book reports, and what ever else happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy!

Current mood: stressed

Friday, June 9, 2006


Well Summer is here....this school year wasnt that long AT ALL too me it just happened like this; School Started, I went out with duncan, 7 monthes later school ends, with a few thing imbetween.  I still cant believe it is over, I cried soo much!! I cant believe I will be a freshman in highschool! this is unbelieveable!  So much has happened yet in so little time its so weird that I wont have my small lil' class of 9 and moving to a school with a freshman class of over 100! AHH! I am so nervous! but befor ne thing there is camp, and montgomery has been calling me lately, I know he atleast USED to like me and he might still like me...but I have a bf (Duncan of corse) and have had one for over 7 months. Montgomery needs to understand that I just wanna be friends and nuthing more, and I am not one to cheat on the one I love.

Anyways, I am a bit nercous about what lies ahead, but not tooo nervous

This is sooo kool I looked up my name on Urbandictionary, its FUNNY


I am going to put sum pics on here later so u can see me!


Current mood: crazy

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Well today we went to Delco Park! It was so much fun! I had Chinese food! Yum yummy yum! o and I managed to sumhow get National in fitness, not sure how, I didnt pass the mile, shuttle run (cuz they r stupid and changed it), and I never did push ups! losers! *snickers* also Thresa, Kinzi, and Grace showed up! and I got pics of me and duncan TOGETHER and duncan has his ARM around ME aand I dont give a mothers pig if da teachers saw or not! and we huged AND HUGGING IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW JULIE!!!! HELLO!!!??? lol but ne ways it was all good I got pics of Jason and Victoria (AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!) and Victoria and I were chasing John round with Big ol' Knockers (John's) evil spirit, Big ol' Coppers (this rubbery weird toy that me and V found) AHAHAHHAHAAA good times lol. Tomarrow is graduation, I finished my speech, and I have this RELE PRETTY DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fun fizzle fun and I am also going to get MORE PICS of every 1 including me and duncan IN FRONT OF THE TEACHERS plus if my parents r there (and they dotn care) then the teachers can go screw themselves! BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAAAA and on the last day of skool I'll be all "Screw U Guys...I'M GOING HOME!" I am plnning to wear that shirt!

o and I cried when we watched The Outsiders...damn I am too emotional but I still kick ppls ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!


Current mood: awake

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